Dating through the ages

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If the girl kept the knife, it was a sign of acceptance.

Across the seven seas, the scenario was quite different.

Refuse to text him first, but spend hours checking your phone and whining to friends.

Spend 15 minutes hyperventilating because everything makes you look super pale.

Discover that sisters listened in on the conversation with the boy, because the house has only one landline.

Relationship.2012Get drunk with friends and go to a 3,000 person party.

It was the precursor to marriage and helped negotiate therocky road from mere physical attraction to lasting love.

In 19 century England, eligible youth would meet at chaperoned social events.

In the remote regions of Ghana, whole villages played Cupid and the story often took a more violent twist.Here's my take on things, doing almost no research. Oh, and none of this is based on personal experience. Go home and write in diary about how cute he is and how much he needs to call. According to Greek mythology, the first humans were conjoined.They were completely self-sufficient and lived utopian lives.

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